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Reading this information about Scrap Canbana means you are one of the 260 lucky women that are signed up to join us in November!!!  Please take the time to read through all of this, cause you know us, we don’t ever keep any events the same!!! NEW!!  OUR TRUNK SHOWS!! “Trunk Shows”—what are they?!  Getting a first-hand view of the newest, latest, and greatest products featured in our industry!  As you gather you will see examples galore! Check them out, see the product supply list you will need to create it, and go jump into a loaded trunk of supplies that we will have available for you to purchase! WE are over the moon excited about our new trunk shows!  We are treating these trunk shows kind of like a class because they are so special and unique.  And as you all know, we here at Imagine That absolutely love to be challenged to create beautiful pages, cards, and projects out of all that new goodness just for you! This is how our trunk shows will work….  *You have the option to pre-register for any or all of our 4 trunk shows if you wish. Pre registering GUARANTEES you to be the select first customers to view, learn, and purchase!  There is a definite advantage to pre-registering as it guarantees the product will still be in stock for you to purchase!  *The cost for pre-registering is $10/trunk show.  Here’s what’s special!!   When you come to the trunk show and pick out the products you like, at the point of purchase- we will deduct $10 off your total bill during that specific trunk show!  PLUS, at that time, you will get 10 raffle tickets for the BIG Drawings and Giveaways for each day!  *Then after each of the pre-registered gals go thru, we will open up the trunk shows for everyone to enjoy as well!  All the creations will be available for viewing and we will be doing the same exact thing as we did in the first round, we just won’t know how much product will be left to purchase.  And everyone will get 2 raffle tickets for attending. So, if you love the topic and description of a trunk show, then be sure to pre-register so that you can enjoy all the advantages!  If you want to wait and take your chances, that’s completely ok too!  And one last note…..  We pride ourselves on not being your typical store…. Our tradition and talents are to “wow” our customers to help you to take your projects to a whole new fun level while you’re creating!  So, trust us…  these trunk shows are going to be awesome! Be sure to read each trunk show in detail! *REMINDER!  All trunk shows will be cash n carry.  You can pay by either cc, check, or cash (items cannot be added onto your tab) and your items will be sacked and ready for you to carry back to your table! *The only way your $10 credit will be applied is at the time of checkout at the trunk show.
NOW HERE’S THE EXTRA FUN STUFF…….!! *We will have the coolest grand prize giveaways as always for each night, but this year we are adding a few more really great bigger prizes so that even more people can win! *You will receive two raffle tickets for the grand prizes by participating in the following: -Make n Takes   One each day and coolest things ever! -Taking Imagine That’s Illustrated Faith Class with Nancy -Participating in the Limbo Contest -Participating in the Tribe’s Island Paradise Costume Party -Participating in our Layout Contest! Details in next info email. *You will receive four raffle tickets for the grand prizes by participating in the following: - Taking Imagine That’s 3 hour Scrapbooking Made Simple Class -Participating in our Decorate your Oasis!
TRIBE’S ISLAND PARADISE COSTUME PARTY!! Get your TRIBE and start getting creative for a beachin’ fun time in our Island Paradise Costume Party! This will be happening on Saturday night at 9pm!  Your TRIBE will dress up to our crops island theme and take the walk of glory into our Margaritaville sunset!  You will stop and share and tell us just a little about your Tribe’s attire and why you dressed as you did!  Only requirement….  Your tribe must have some kind of tropical fruit involved in your costume!! Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 in your Tribe!  Oh, and yes, we always have an awesome prize for such creativeness!
Decorate your Oasis! Your “oasis” is your table!  If you want to have a little fun with our theme and decorate your little island oasis, we’d love to see your creativity and talent! You get 4 raffle tickets for the grand prize drawings and of course we will pick a winner of the oasis tables and have a fun prize for that! Tiki Hut Relaxtion Station! Stop into this sweet little sandy destination and enjoy what we have to offer you!  Just a little slice of heaven and its sure to be 5 o’clock somewhere! *MASSAGES will be available this entire weekend…  Plan to enjoy that! $1/minute is the cost! *Our store will be open on this weekend in downtown Columbus! We have fantastic prizes for you to win! Shop and spend a minimum of $10+ and receive 20 bonus raffle tickets and get your name in to win these prizes!  Prizes and store hours will be announced in the next info! *A Paige 2 Remember, Scrap This, & Forever Creations 4 U will be located in the side rooms.  A Touch of Goodness & Imagine That will be located in the courtyard! *Thursday’s event “A Night in Paradise!”  We will be sending out more specific details for those of you registered for this event soon!  Please note that we will need all of you in attendance by 7pm for sure!  This event runs from 6-9pm.
This is a PAPER and PRODUCT Event, therefore, no DIGITAL scrapbookers will be able to register. We apologize for any inconveniences, however, one of our main purposes of this crop is to share and sell products from our stores as vendors. This is a business event as well as a social, educational, and fun weekend opportunity. -We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Policy; From today until October 1st, anyone can have a full refund, if your table can be filled. After, October 22nd, it is non refundable
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